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A Note On the Go: Nap time

You were devouring your pb&j sandwich when I left you to run outside and switch the laundry. Recently, you’ve decided that you love it which makes me happy, cuz ya know I don’t like cooking very much. That’s just the honest truth. I came back in and you were still eating so I began tidying… Continue reading A Note On the Go: Nap time


The Colors of Spring are Everything.

I have never really been much a fan of Spring. Fall and Winter is more my jam, with the vibrant natural earth tones, scarves and boots and big jackets, rain and all the promise of holiday celebrations. Maybe its because living in California, Spring just means that we trade the rain in one day for… Continue reading The Colors of Spring are Everything.


That Time I Almost Spontaneously Combusted

Here’s the thing about my life the last three months: I am emotionally and physically exhausted. Yes, there are specific things today that happened that were REALLYREALLYREALLY good(!!!!) but also at the same time, there were things that have just left me feeling so drained and all I want is to curl up in bed… Continue reading That Time I Almost Spontaneously Combusted


Childhood Buckets & Buckets & Buckets 

This last weekend I got to fulfill one of the many things on my bucket list – the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade!! It was seriously a dream come true, as silly and ridiculous as that may sound. This parade was huge when I was growing up and every time we actually made it to… Continue reading Childhood Buckets & Buckets & Buckets