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Letting Jude lead the way

In the days leading up to Jude being born, Philip and I talked a lot about our little boy, as all parents do I’m sure. We imagined what he would look like and what it would be like to be a family of three. One of the things we talked a lot about was the… Continue reading Letting Jude lead the way


Childhood Buckets & Buckets & Buckets 

This last weekend I got to fulfill one of the many things on my bucket list – the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade!! It was seriously a dream come true, as silly and ridiculous as that may sound. This parade was huge when I was growing up and every time we actually made it to… Continue reading Childhood Buckets & Buckets & Buckets 


Staying Motivated and Becoming a Legend

I know we’re a week into February already, but I’m still in shock. Does it normally take me this long to get accustomed to the new year? Earlier this afternoon my co-worker and I remembered that this past Friday was the one year birthday for little Oliver, the baby boy born to someone who worked… Continue reading Staying Motivated and Becoming a Legend