About Me & Quote Wall

Here I am in 2008 hugging all the trees as one naturally does when they are in the forest and are surrounded by their first love: trees.

My name is Anastasia Noele Nuanes and yes, I included my middle name because I have always been fiercely proud of it. I am an early thirty-something living in Burbank, California with my husband, our cat Scottie, our perfect little boy Jude Theodore, and our sweet little girl Eleanor Grace.

I don’t have an agenda or plan for this space other than to just share what’s on my mind and hope that it inspires someone, somewhere.

A pretty unknown, lost to the years fact about me is that I used to collect quotes like pennies at the bottom of water fountain. At the point that I move out of my childhood home, there were at least five poster boards taped up on my bedroom walls filled with quotes from books, friends, and songs. Pretty much if someone said it or wrote it and I loved it, it went up on my boards.

So I was thinking.. this about me page… I don’t really know how to write about myself.. so why not turn this into my own virtual wall of quotes? I think that’s a genius idea, if I do say so myself. So from now on, anytime I hear something I don’t want to forget, I will be adding it down below. Enjoy!


“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” – John Steinbeck in “East of Eden” a favorite of mine that I am re-reading in January 2020.