A Note On the Go · Jude Theodore

A Note On the Go: Nap time

You were devouring your pb&j sandwich when I left you to run outside and switch the laundry. Recently, you’ve decided that you love it which makes me happy, cuz ya know I don’t like cooking very much. That’s just the honest truth.

I came back in and you were still eating so I began tidying up the kitchen and after about 10 minutes it became very quiet at the table.

That’s when I looked over and saw you, in your seat, with the glorious pb&j spread all over the bottom half of your mouth and chin. With half of your sandwich left, you had succumbed to sleep, right there in your chair – your head laid back and the most content little nap time expression on that sweet & messy little face that I love so much.

I love you so much. Saying those words will never adequately express how much I love you, my Jude Theodore, my first-born, my rainbow, my sunshine. You are my little love and I will forever be obsessed with you.

So now, here we are, rocking in your room while I hold you and smell the sweet scent of peanut butter coming from your mouth and relax to the rhythm of your breathing and perfect heartbeat.

Soon I will put you down in your bed- but for now, I’ll hold you and rock you and savor this moment of you at this point of your life: so grown and so smart and yet still so little in my arms.

Being your momma is the best job I’ve ever had.

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