Childhood Buckets & Buckets & Buckets 

This last weekend I got to fulfill one of the many things on my bucket list – the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade!!

It was seriously a dream come true, as silly and ridiculous as that may sound. This parade was huge when I was growing up and every time we actually made it to Disneyland we would miss the parade.

After what seemed like an eternity of the parade always being a staple at the park, it was moved to California Adventure before ending up in Florida where it went and never returned to Disneyland. I was so heartbroken when I learned this. My whole childhood I had dreamed of seeing this beautiful electrical parade and now my chances were basically 1% likely of that ever happening.

So there it went, onto my list of ultimate childhood dreams that would probably never be fulfilled… until this last Sunday when I finally got to experience the grand return of the parade in Disneyland! As I was sitting there, reserving my pretty decent viewing spot, I realized that I was basically fulfilling an item on my bucket list. It seems like a silly item to have on a list of things that I want to do or see before I die, but to me, it was always this magical thing that I knew I had to see.

The cool part is that I think this might actually be the first item on my bucket list that I’ve actually crossed off! My list isn’t anything official on paper so I can’t confirm that, but a quick search through my memories makes me feel that must be true.

It is odd for me to say that I don’t have an official list written out because, hello, I’m Anastasia. I love lists and plans and calendars and check marks!! I obsessively love them. The thing is, everything on my list are childhood dreams I’ve had since I was a little girl – so I’ve never really felt the need to write it out. Deep down in my heart, I know exactly what every item is and I know one day I’ll get to all of those places and see all of those things…

For now, getting to experience this parade with my baby and my husband and some of my closest people, that’s pretty awesome in my book.


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