Dear Jude,

Our family was in the midst of a crazy busy season. There has been so much going on left and right and there was so much to keep up with. From the hard things like sickness and letting go to the amazing things like weddings and new beginnings – you have gotten such an expansive taste of all the things life has to offer right from the get-go and I hope you know it isn’t always this busy.

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I want you to learn that your parents are people who do not give up and we handle our responsibilities. We celebrate with those filled with joy and we mourn with those going through trials. We go to work and we work hard and we make it a priority to also keep our house clean and tidy even when all we want to do is collapse on the couch. We dedicate a lot of time each week to serving other people and we do it not because we need time to kill but because we love the Lord so much and want to love on his people.

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The weeks are flying by right now and you are changing so much and I love how aware you are. You are patient with your busy parents and you are also the best companion. When we need those smiles and giggles the most, you are there ready and waiting to shower us with them. How did we get to be so blessed?

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But with all of this I hope you also learn that rest and taking time to step away and recharge is just as important as blessing others and a full schedule. I hope you learn that there is always time for family time, that we are never to busy to just lay in bed and snuggle and tickle you. Your needs are our highest priority – the most important thing that we have to accomplish each day.

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You are the best thing we’ve ever done, in our whole lives. That’s why we are committing, from here on out, to say “no” and end this glorious year of your birth with slow evenings and weekends focused on what Jude Theodore wants to do.

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Lots of kisses and snuggles,

Mommy & Daddy

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